Peruvian SAPO® Game Rules - Official Juego de Sapo Rule

Number of Players: Unlimited (minimum 2)
Distance from Sapo to toss: Women 8 Feet / Men 10 Feet
Winning Score: Determined by players (Usually 10,000 Points)


  • Each player will toss 12 SUMA™ tokens one at a time into the SAPO™ gamebox.
  • Once all the tokens are tossed, you proceed to total the points acquired.
  • Only the tokens that fell through the top of the Sapo are counted.
  • The tokens that were tossed and entered the game through
    the front are not counted and the toss is lost.
  • The players toss the tokens in turn until one player or team reaches the total points that was agreed upon.
  • In case of a tie, a new round is played between the finalist.
  • Once your token has been tossed, under no circumstances can a player retoss.
  • It is prohibited to approach, distract or cross in front of the player while he/she is tossing.

The highest point can be acquired by tossing the token into the frog's mouth.
If it happens you should yell:SAPO!!!