SUMA SAPO® Game - Authentic Peruvian 4-Face Spinner - FREE SHIPPING

Product Description
Making your own game? Want to replace your current spinner? This is a original bronze Peruvian four face spinner imported directly from Peru. The game usually has (1) of these spinners in the first row center position. They are worth 2000 points during the game. Comes with all mounting hardware shown

Package Includes:

  • (1) Brass four face spinners
  • (2) Spinner holders
  • (4) Mounting screws
  • Items are Shipped the same day as purchased
$ 35.98 $ 44.99

We are an Authorized and Trusted Suma Sapo Game Reseller since 2005.  Our family is Peruvian and we were very familiar with the SAPO Game and how it is played in Peru.  We enjoy teaching and selling the game here in the USA as it promotes outdoor family fun.....and we are all about family

Here are some details about our business:

  • We ship the SUMA SAPO® Game across the US
  • We have other items such as brass accessories and covers
  • We also sell Peruvian Trompos - Handcrafted and imported from Peru
  • Our website has been online since 2005 and continues to grow each year